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FEBRUARY 24, 1967Jocelyn Bell Burnell makes the first discovery of a pulsar, a rapidly rotating neutron star.  Jocelyn Bell Burnell was born July 15, 1943 in Northern Ireland.  She grew up in a town called Lurgan, where she attended Lurgan College.  At the school, she became one of the first girls allowed to study science.  The normal classes held for girls included cross-stitching and cooking.  Jocelyn later received her Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge where she worked alongside of Antony Hewish.  While doing research one day, Burnell noticed extra markings on her chart-recording papers that tracked across the sky with the stars.  Burnell saw that the signal was temporarily named “Little Green Man 1.”  Today, it is known as PSR B1919+21.  Antony Hewish was the one rewarded with the Nobel Prize for the discovery.  Jocelyn was not recognized on the prize.

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